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Idongesit Essien

essien idongesit

Founder / CEO

Devlenda Technology Network Ltd. A marketing communications professional with 13 years experience that has plied his trade in broadcasting, start-up ecosystem development and education.

In his career life, he has delivered high value in technical production competence and process improvement for top rated national and international organizations. At the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, Idongesit successfully led various technical teams in Nigeria to produce several governorship debates ahead of the 2020 elections. The content raked in millions of eye balls for the BBC. In 2021, he bagged an Emmy Award Nomination for a documentary he was a part of; a BBC commissioned series on child artists.

Devlenda is not the first business Idongesit will be starting. In 2019, he cofounded Borrodins Property Developers & Investment Ltd, the operators of Akwa Ibom Estates. Akwa Ibom Estates has become the leading source of diaspora inbound enquiry on the subject of Akwa Ibom state as an investment destination in Nigeria.

Idongesit holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Uyo and a Masters degree in Marketing and Communications from Rome Business School, where he serves as a faculty member.